My Journey

The year 2020 was an “exciting” year for me, to say the least.

After I semi retired in 2017, I bought a panel van, registered with Courier Expert and started a courier service. Was like an agency thing – they send me jobs, I deliver and get paid monthly. I love driving and being on the road so this was perfectly OK.

On February 3rd 2020, whilst on the job and after consuming several cans of energy drinks to stay awake, I had a diabetic episode on M40, went into coma and was rushed to Warwick Hospital. I spent 11 days in intensive care and was discharged after 3 weeks.

On 4th May 2020, I had surgery to insert a catheter in my abdomen for my pending peritoneal dialysis. Once surgery healed, I started dialysis on 22nd June 2020.

On 11th November, whilst lying in bed and talking to my wife, I suffered a seizure and was rushed to Heartlands Hospital. Later turned out to be a minor brain bleed. Was discharged after 10 days.

Now you’re getting picture why I said “exciting”.

Over the years, I have run two side hustles online. One is a virtual bookkeeping service – https://xsellconsult.com and the second is a Web design agency – https://valuewebs.net. So I do know a thing or two about running an online business.

Fast forward to the present – why this blog, you ask.

On 8th September this year (2021), I had another surgery to repair a hernia caused by my dialysis. Even though actual surgery was successful, my post op not as much. Was totally incapacitated.

Here are some realities:

  1. I was completely cut off from the world.
  2. My wife had to look after me even though she could not get days off from work
  3. None of my customers could reach me so I could not support them
  4. It became clear my businesses will die if anything happened to me because none of my kids could take them over.

These, amongst others, were not acceptable realisations. Made me even sadder.

This is why I’ve decided to change direction. My other two businesses will continue to run as I gradually close them down. However my focus is now on this blog. Don’t get me wrong. I still have a valid UK driving licence and can still drive, but I really rather not be on the road anymore. The plan is to grow a business that makes money even while I sleep, a business that works for me rather than the other way round. A business that I can pass on to my kids without them having to learn new skills.

I’ve created this blog to help myself and people like me, 50s and above, make passive income online from blogging without having to grind out 9-5 hours everyday.

I want you to follow my journey, learn with me, hopefully earn some money and change your lifestyle along the way.

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