Best Protein Diet For Diabetes

Best Protein Diet For Diabetes

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A high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate diet will typically work very effectively to help people who are attempting to lose weight slim down and reach a healthier weight. A protein diet for diabetes can help people lose weight, but because of the nature of their condition, they must closely monitor everything they eat.

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The kidneys of a person with diabetes may experience undue stress if they consume a lot of protein over an extended period of time. Before beginning any diet plan, you should always see your physician and/or dietician.

If your doctor does give you the go-ahead to begin a diabetes protein diet, stick to lean meat cuts as your protein source and add some fish and shrimp to your weekly menu planning. Shrimp are incredibly healthy and high in protein. Red meat is OK, but only once or twice a week is recommended.

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Red Meat

Red meat is a great source of protein but it also contains a lot of saturated fat, which raises cholesterol and puts you at risk for heart disease. There are already so many complications associated with diabetes that you run the risk of developing without even choosing to increase your risk. So, keep in mind to restrict your consumption of red meat, and if you must, be sure to trim off any obvious fat.


Lean protein can be found in fish like salmon, tuna, and halibut as well as those Omega-3 necessary fatty acids that are so popular right now. Among other things, omega-3 fatty acids are good for sustaining healthy brain function. The shrimp I mentioned before is a fantastic source of lean protein, but did you know that lobster is too? Go ahead and pamper yourself.


Protein-rich chicken is another option; just make sure to trim off the skin and any noticeable fat. The best course of action is to purchase some skinless, boneless breasts and store them in the freezer so that you may quickly use them when necessary. To cut costs, you can purchase them in bulk, weigh out 4-ounce servings, then individually wrap and freeze them.

Dairy Products

Dairy products and eggs are additional options to complete your daily protein intake. Eggs are a great source of protein as well as vital vitamins and minerals like folate, zinc, and iron. Although eating eggs every day is not advised, if you truly feel the urge to, separate some of them and prepare an omelette using two egg whites and one whole egg that is primarily made of egg whites.

Because the egg contains the cholesterol, it is best to restrict your intake of yolks.


To limit the amount of saturated fat you consume, choose low-fat or fat-free dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yoghurt. To assist in keeping your blood sugar levels within a safe range, balance your diabetes protein diet with a moderate amount of carbohydrates.

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