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Convertkit Review 2021 | Free Plan For Beginners

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What Is Convertkit?

In this Convertkit Review, I explore the benefits of Convertkit, pricing and main features.

Easiest System Ever


Have you heard the expression that “the money is in the list”? This simply means that the more subscribers you add to your list, the greater the potential for you to make a lot of passive income from blogging. Convertkit is an email marketing tool that enables you to build an email list and connect with your subscribers. Here is my Convertkit review for beginners.

I have read a lot of Convertkit Reviews in my time. Most of these reviews tend to suggest that Convertkit is for professional bloggers. From my experience, I really do not think so. Before now, I was a big fan of Aweber but when I relaunched this site in August this year (2021), I switched to Convertkit and was able to reach 1,000 subscribers in less than 30 days. With Convertkit, you are able to automate most of the email marketing processes to convert subscribers to buyers. In this Post, I will show you how I’ve done this.

Get Started With Convertkit Free Plan

One of the best things about Convertkit is that there is a free plan for beginners. This is in line with the theme of my blog – no cost online passive income from blogging. If you want to learn how to use Convertkit, you can do that over here or watch this YouTube Tutorial.

Convertkit Review

You can sign up for the 1,000 Subscribers Free Plan without having to make any payment upfront. On the Convertkit website, it says the Convertkit Free Plan “removes a roadblock for beginner creators to start moving toward their big goals and dreams“.

  • Great Optin forms
  • Get 1,000 subscribers
  • Send broadcast email

For a free tool, that is simply amazing.

Convertkit Pricing

As mentioned earlier, there is a free plan for Convertkit that allows you to build your list up to 1,000 subscribers for free.

The big question is, how much does Convertkit cost? Convertkit has different plans that you can choose from when you want to use the tool for your marketing journey. As much as there is a free plan, you should opt for a better plan as the paid plans have so much to offer you. Convertkit pricing ranges starts from $9 monthly. The higher the price of the Convertkit plan, the more features you get. If you are running a big company, it is advisable to choose a plan to care for everything

Here is an overview of the pricing

Number of SubscribersPrice Per Month

How to get started with Convertkit

There are steps you need to follow when getting started with Convertkit, and they are;

  1. First, sign up for a Convertkit account where you get to pay $29 a month if the number of people you have is below a thousand. Once done signing up, you can now go ahead and get the account approved. Convertkit does the approving to prove your transparency and honesty.
  2. Get to set up your account information by clicking on the right corner at the top where the word ‘Account’ appears. Convertkit will have you fill in your company’s name, put in a password, and your default from your email address. The email needs to be from Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. This is per the international spam laws set to guide this process. Make sure the email you provide is real, as using a fake one can lead to getting fined if caught.
  3. Add a form for different occasions like people wanting to sign up for your blog or website. Here, you are the one who gets to choose the style of the form. Your fans can use the form to sign in to your blog with ease.
  4. You should now install a Convertkit plug-in to access the account settings that help you add the form to your website. When you are done doing this, go ahead and add tags that you will use to assign your subscribers with tags. The tags can also be a way for you to track done people interested in what particular product.
  5. Start sending out your first email, which means you have to create an email that is not complicated. You can even schedule the time you want the email to be sent out, as there is the ‘Schedule broadcast’ that you can use to do this.
  6. There you have it; you are already started with Convertkit and can connect with your fans whenever you want.

Sharing your landing page

You must know that a landing page leads to the growth of your email list, which is a fantastic thing for you. Sharing your Convertkit landing page is one of the most effective ways to get many people part of your email list. The more people are on your email list, the more people you can reach about your products and services.

Broadcast emails

These are emails that allow your business or company to stay relevant. By sending out such emails, your audience is always in the know about what new products are in or any information they may be interested in. Keeping them updated makes them feel that they can trust you.

Free 14 day trial for Convertkit pro

The free 14 day trial for Convertkit pro is available for anyone looking forward to joining Convertkit. The plan here offers you 14 days of free use of Convertkit, a limit of 1000 subscribers, email support, and unlimited landing pages and signup forms.

Email Automation

Emails automation allows you to automatically send emails without being there to do the whole thing. The emails are sent when the subscriber has reacted to a particular thing or product on the website.

There are email automation rules like the rule against sending a personal email that you haven’t manually sent first. Let the personal emails be triggered by the fact that you would have sent something in the first place.

Convertkit integrations

Convertkit integrates with different platforms such as Shopify, Instagram, Patreon, Zipper, and many others.

Email templates

When sending out emails to your subscribers and fans, you have to ensure that the email does stand out. This does create a good first impression about your blog or website. Pick an email template that captures your audience’s attention and let them see that you did try. People love seeing efforts, and once you show them this, they get intrigued about your business.


Convertkit cost is not high, and you can manage to afford it and use it for your business or blog. You have to know by now there is the Convertkit free plan, and it is worth it. Promote your online business by using Convertkit. Do not be left behind and try out this marketing tool.

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