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How To Start A Successful Blog With $500

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There are loads of articles on the internet on how to start a successful blog. Cost estimates vary depending on who’s writing. In this article and, in line with the theme of my website, I give you a breakdown of how to start a successful blog with $500. No hidden costs and not fluff. These figures are based on my actual cost of starting this blog.

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Summary Of My Actual Costs

Domain and Hosting $115
Software – Ahrefs (7 day free trial for $7 plus first month of $99). Sign up here$106
Software – Rank Math (Free version available but better to get premium plan)$59
Software – Convertkit (Sign up for the free plan)$0
10 Blog Posts (Used Hirewriters skilled writer level)$109
Backlinks (This is from a Fiverr provider)$45
Total Spent$434
Contingencies (Did not actually spend this)$66

Domain And Hosting – $115

I have three webhosting accounts with Hostinger, Siteground and Bluehost. For the blog, I do recommend Bluehost for your blog. If you order hosting for one year or more, you get a free domain name.

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What if I told you that you could start a successful blog with just $500? It’s not as hard as it might sound. In this article, we’ll go over the exact steps to take in order to get your blog up and running for less than $500. We will talk about what equipment you need, how to set up your website, and where to find free resources online!


Research: Ahrefs – $106

The first step will be to research your chosen niche. This is important because you want to make sure that the market has enough people actively searching for this kind of information or products. You can do all of this using Ahrefs, which I would recommend even if it isn’t free because it helps with everything else in this list.

Domain And Hosting – $115

You will need to purchase a domain name for your website. You’re going to want an address that people can remember when they visit your site so it is important to pick a good one. You can do this at whichever place you like best, but I use Godaddy for all my domain registrations which makes the process much easier (see below). It costs around $15/year and is well worth it because they check all of their competitors in your chosen niche so that you don’t end up buying the same .com as someone else who happens to be ranking higher than you already.

For web hosting, I recommend using SiteGround because they offer great hosting which we will be getting into later on in this post Not only do they have great service but their pricing plan are really affordable as well! If you order hosting for a year or more, you get the domain name free. This comes with everything, so basically just choose what works best for you here because there isn’t an option between other than cost.


WordPress – $0

WordPress powers over 40% of websites on the internet and the best part is that it is free. This popular content management system (CMS) provides you with all of the tools you need to get your blog up and running.

Theme – $0

There are many free WordPress themes that you can download and use for your site. If getting started is the most important thing to you right now, there’s no need to go out and spend money on a theme.

If you want something more advanced or customizable than what free themes offer, then consider purchasing one of these premium themes instead: Blocksy ($59), X Theme ($99) or Avada (starting at $45).

Initial Content: 10 Blog Posts – $109

You will need at least ten blog posts on your site to get it indexed in Google. If you want to drive traffic, then more is definitely better, but start with these first and see how things go before spending any additional money.

Step one is to decide what you are going to write about. You can choose a blog niche, or sub-niche of your choosing. For example, if you love knitting sweaters for cats, this is your sub-niche! This makes it easier when looking at keywords and coming up with potential content ideas that people will search for online. Just pick the main topic that interests you most related to blogging and go from there!

One way to brainstorm blog post topics it by using Google Trends , where they have an option called “Explore Topics” which lets you enter in any term or phrase associated with something relevant on the web today so generate some results based around what might be trending right now as far as pop


Basic SEO: Rank Math – $59.

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that you can use on your site to improve Search Engine Optimization. Rank Math will help you optimize the titles and meta tags of all pages on your blog, including URLs for social media sites like Facebook. As well as optimizing the content of individual posts, it also provides an overview chart showing where each post ranks in Google search results, which helps with improving rankings over time by using different key phrases. This makes it easier for users to find new information on certain topics or keywords they may be searching for. You simply enter specific phrases into this tool and then see how many times those keywords are being used currently ranking high within Google’s top 100 search results page-for free! Not

Email Marketing: Convertkit – $0

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your blog. Capture visitors email addresses and sell them products for a commission with Convertkit – no monthly fees!

You can easily set up automated email flows with Convertkit. This will allow you to send path-based emails, triggered by what your visitors do on your blog or website. You can also create ‘mailing lists’ based on certain criteria (e.g., people who haven’t made a purchase in the last month).

With Convertkit, you get access to all of these features for $0 per month! There are no limits either – it’s an all-inclusive plan at one low price point which includes unlimited subscribers and 12000 contacts maximums each month! If they need more than this but still want the automation feature, then their pricing is listed here . Alternatively if someone wants to display ads before or

SEO: Backlinks – $45/

You need backlinks to improve Google rankings for your site . We recommend using Kontent Machine as it is a great content spinning software. You can pick and choose which articles you want to spin, then just copy/paste the new article into web directories like EzineArticles or GoArticles! For more info on that check out this video: How To Find Tons Of High PR Backlinks With Content Spinning Software (KontentMachine) – A Step-By-Step Guide with Proofs On How To Get Your Site Ranked In The Top Three Organic Results of Google This Month.. SEO: Social Media – $20/monthYou need social media presence in order to establish yourself online and increase website traffic. We recommend

Contingencies – $66

There may be other miscellaneous items that you may come across that you feel you need on your site. I have therefore made this provision to cover any such expenses. My view is that you certainly won’t need this as I’ve covered all you need to kickstart you site.

Summary Of My Actual Costs



People can say whatever they want about blogging. However, when you actually sit down and look at the numbers it’s pretty hard to argue with success stories like my own or that of other bloggers in my position. The bottom line is this: if you have a desire to create something online and build an audience around your ideas, passion for sharing

WordPress – $0


Theme – $0

I have used Blocksy Pro for this website. There is a free version available but I just thought I need to take this serious as the pro version has a lot more enhanced features

Software: Ahrefs – $106


Software: Rank Math – $59


Software: Convertkit – $0


10 Blog Posts – $109


Backlinks – $45


Contingencies – $66

This is a provision.


This article simply demonstrates that it is possible to set up a successful blogging business with $500. For a more details step-by-step guide on how to set up a successful blog with $500, you can download the guide here

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